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Pay Your School & College Fee Online At Modernvidya

Paying fees was never this easy, last date to pay the fee and running low on time? No worries, Modernvidya is here to your rescue. Pay your school & college fees online at our site. Don't wait in long queues or stand for hours to deposit your school or college fees, instead Modernvidya from the comfort of your home. Modernvidya aims at providing easy and quick solution to millions of students and their parents in India. We enables you to pay your school, institutes or college fees through online transaction which is easy, fast and secure.

Pay your school, college, institution fees at our multi-utility online portal without the hassles of time consuming physical process of cash deposits

Struggle-free Payment | Pay Fee Online at Modernvidya

Modernvidya is working towards providing this revolutionary solution to all the students & their parents and striving to make it an easy task. Modernvidya network is spread across a wide ground covering a huge number of schools, colleges, institutions; training centres many more accept the online mode of fees payment.

How to Pay Fees Online?

Follow these simple steps and make immediate fees payment online :

Step 1: : Login at and Go to Fee Payment

Step 2: Select Institute and Location

Step 3: Fill in the enrollment number and there you go!

So, make fee payment online without crossing deadlines, avoid late fee charges and save time with Modernvidya!

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