About Us

Every day we need to make decisions related to the different aspects of our life. Making right education related decision can go a long way in shaping ones career. This is a very time consuming and difficult process because education related information is unorganized, ever changing and not customized to suit your strengths.

Colleges, Institutes and Universities are striving to adapt to market requirements by introducing new courses.However due to the lack of availability of a common forum such crucial information is not reached to education seekers.

At Modernvidya.com we are trying to solve problems described above. Modernvidya.com is a place that connects education seeker with education provider . Modernvidya.com provides information of various Schools, Colleges, Institutions, and Universities. Modernvidya.com provides Institutions online admission notifications, Entrance Exams, Competitions, Scholarships, Home Tuitions, Academic Projects.

At Modernvidya.com provides online shopping for Students (Unifroms,Books, Stationary, Gifts, Footwear,Accessories).


To connect education seeker to education provider .


To be recognized as a leader in the delivery of student centered services.